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The Basic Stuff And  then onto my main interests

Welcome to the home page of  Radioactive  A little about me. Born  in the village of Kingsbury that's near Tamworth  Staffs at that time. The County boarder lines have changed a little since then and its now just sat into the County of Warwickshire. The village has grown  to an almost unbelieveable scale since I was a lad  its got some well known aspects to it now including a 2500 Acre Water Park A Large Oil Depot  A large Army Rifle Range. these things were about before I left it  in the 80s  Oh it had its share of Local industries  and Farming was high listed also  It has a river called the river Tame running through it  that was earmarked as one of the most polluted rivers in the country . Glad to report it has been much improved and fish are present along some stretches once again  not heard of any Salmon  yet though  I know they were there 100 years back


 Here we see me standing along side My most recent set-up I have in the home built observatory a slideshow of which can be viewed here

 views and a few comments of my home built Observatory

It needs updating a little of the info is no longer correct I will post the major up dates shortly  please call back from time to time to see the changes

Another thing I am Rather proud of is the remote controlled roll on roll off roof system I created How I did this was:-  Whilst out doing some shopping grocery run I spotted an offer in one of the supermarket type places  It was a remote control 12volt 2 tonne  weight lift Car Jack (I have no car have not driven in years just before being diagnosed Diabetic) I thought to myself I wonder if I could utilise this for an open close procedure rather than a 14" lift or lower one. thinking maybe quicker than usual for me I imagined it in action thoughts flashing through my couple of brain cells which were both firing at the same time  (a rare occurrence for me) I got a real clear mental picture how to achieve the transformation  from scissor jack  to roof opener! So quickly got the shopping complete and onto the checkout desk  my mind deeply thinking I wonder what it will end off like? the time home is something of a haze as the thoughts continued to flash lining up one after the other building up a mental mosaic by the time I was home  had it out of the box  I was struggling with ideas on how to  make the rest of the system work  now that I have the power source. In the end after buying countless pulleys I after networking my idea with a neighbour I was chatting to at, a mini Star Party we had to commemorate the finishing off of the Observatory He suggested well why not just  use Chain throughout? Mmmmmm Cogs turning smoke bellowing out of my ears my poor brainbox slipped almost effortlessly into gear once more. Had a eureka moment occurred here? Or was it just alcohol poisoning taking effect? Well the proof of the pudding as they say, so after Countless arguments with myself  do I do this, this,or maybe this?I finally got the whole ideas brought to fruition.and with a little application I ironed out the inevitable snags out and the result well watch it for your self. check the link out.

Remote controlled operation of the Observatory roof


 View below  of the chain cog assembly and the front or opening limiter switch detail





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